Alternative Espaces Citoyens

Alternatives Espaces Citoyens (Alternative Citizen Spaces) is an apolitical, non-profit organization that defends human rights.

Mission: work for a society based on human and gender equality, that tries to protect the environment, support young people and promote solidarity among populations.

Main activities: the organization works in the field of education for citizenship, notably through its radio station based in Niamey. Alternatives Espaces Citoyens also uses other methods (audiovisual productions, public lectures, street theatre) to promote democratic values among the population. The themes addressed by AEC include: promoting ethics and citizen control in Niger; advocating for the right to food; citizen participation in national and local budget processes; advocating for increased funding of the social sectors; changing behavior on violence against women.

Results: entering of a Right to Food in the constitution (2010); appeal and dialogue with authorities on the funding of public policies, especially in the social sectors; strengthening of skills and awareness of citizens, particularly rural stakeholders, on the stakes of democracy and Rule of law.

Alternative Espaces Citoyens and SOS Faim: are partners since 2016. SOS Faim supports the Observatory on the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty, which is an initiative from the AEC, in partnership with other civil society organizations from Niger.