Vision – mission

Founded in Luxembourg in 1993, SOS Faim supports sustainable agriculture, in particular by means of inclusive rural financing, to guarantee food sovereignty everywhere and for all.

A world without hunger.

Everywhere and for all. Guaranteed by sustainable agriculture. Economically viable, socially responsible and respectful of the environment. Placing human beings at the heart of development – both small-scale producers, living a decent life from the fruits of their labours, and consumers, who have access to enough safe, good quality food.

Solidarity and civic engagement.

Solidarity with small-scale producers in Africa, the first victims of any famine. Working together in rural cooperatives, they are the primary beneficiaries of our assistance, and the most important actors in their own story, because, whilst we are working FOR them, we work, above all, WITH them. Civic engagement, in Luxembourg and in Europe. With supporters and decision-makers eager to contribute over the long term to create a world without hunger, in a responsible and consistent way.

Because sustainable agriculture creates wealth and jobs. Because it can feed the world.
Food is a right. Let us guarantee it, together, everywhere and for all.

Food sovereignty

The right of people to define their own rural and food policies without hurting the people of other countries. It promotes the preservation of local agriculture destined for local, regional and national markets and the use of agricultural techniques enhancing the autonomy of those who make their living from the soil, in a spirit of respect for the environment.

Sustainable agriculture

A production system which respects ecological, economic and social limitations and ensures the sustainability of production. It protects biodiversity, water and the soil it needs.

Inclusive rural financing

A range of financial products and services (savings, loans, insurance, etc.) intended for people usually excluded from mainstream banking services. Rural financing offers products geared to the realities of rural life (respect for the farming calendar, importance of long-term investment, with subsidised costs, etc.). A priority tool used by SOS Faim in its assistance.


Relations between SOS Faim and its African partners based on a common vision, and a negotiated and shared strategy and plan of action, joint responsibility, ongoing, transparent dialogue, reciprocal trust and respect for each person's autonomy. Whilst the activities are implemented by the local partner, SOS Faim plays an important listening, support and facilitating role in the partner's discussions and action. SOS Faim's support is both financial and non-financial.