Cadre Régional de Concertation des Organisations de Producteurs de Riz d’Afrique de l’Ouest (CRCOPR)

The CRCOPR is a sub-regional umbrella organization that gathers the rice producer national platforms of 13 countries. The CRCOPR was created by The network of Peasant Organizations and Producers in West Africa (ROPPA).

Mission: promote and defend the values of a performant and lasting small-scale farming at the family farms and agricultural producers’ service; encourage and accompany the consultation and the structuring of peasant organizations and agricultural producers in each country with the aim of their participation/involvement in the definition and application of agricultural and rural sectors development programs and policies; promote the solidarity between the peasant organizations and the agricultural producers members of the ROPPA; insure it’s members representation at regional and international levels.

Main activities: Consolidate the CRCOPR’s policy and the participatory governance; plea for a support of the rice sector public policies and for a higher taxation on rice import in West Africa; capacity-building activities (especially in pleas) and enforcement of national platforms governance; promotion and diffusion of The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) a practice needing little water and agricultural inputs.

CRCOPR and SOS Faim: are partners since 2017. SOS Faim brings its support to the rice sector activities and pleas (dialogue, consultations, claims); to the enforcement of the capacities of 3 member national platforms; to the diffusion and promotion of the SRI to national platforms.