Fédération des coopératives maraîchères du Niger (FCMN-Niya)

The FCMN-Niya is a market gardener federation that counts, today, 815 cooperatives set out in 73 unions. It has 35 776 individual producers with 13 580 women, that being 38%. FCMN is present in all eight regions of Niger.

Mission: “Support the appearance of lasting family horticultural farms collaborating to the improvement of it’s members’ living conditions”. This goes through the improvement of the access to inputs; the enforcement of technical capacities with the aim of improving the yields and the quality of the products while protecting the soils and the environment; the improvement of the access to markets through the creation of collective markets; the improvement of access to financing; the enforcement of managing, organization and structuring capacities of the cooperatives.

Main activities: development of the little irrigation sector (onion, sesame, potato, tomato, sorghum); commercial services: group orders of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers), warrantage, creation of a house of seeds, warehouses for storage and preservation; access to credits; support, advice and training.

FCMN and SOS Faim: are partners since 2017. SOS Faim supports the enforcement of FCMN’s global economic model through the development of a financial services access strategy and the revitalizing of 10 regional unions for a 2 year long pilot stage.