FC – Facilitators for Change

FC is an NGO founded in 1997. As its name implies, Facilitators for Change facilitates or accompanies initiatives of the rural population.

Mission: to combat food insecurity and improve nutrition among the rural population.

Main activities: support for rural organisations, strengthening capacities (management training, agricultural techniques, liaison with microfinance institutions).

Results: development of cereal banks (beneficiaries: 13 000 people); creation of an irrigation system to promote the diversification of agricultural production (beneficiaries: 128 families or 750 people); promotion of soil management and cultivation techniques which respect the environment; promoting the role of women (15% of groupings); partnership with local authorities.

FC and SOS Faim: partners since 2003. The support of SOS Faim has helped FC to successfully develop all its activities. The focus of the current three-year support period (2014-2016) will be on strengthening the capacity of farmers not only to increase and diversify their production but also to sell their products and make a profit.