Harbu Microfinance

Harbu Microfinance was founded in July 2004 at the initiative of Facilitators for Change (FC). Today, it has almost 20 000 clients, of whom 40% are women.

Mission: to promote the access of the poorest, in particular women, to financial services, thus reducing the need to turn to ‘loan sharks’; to develop the private initiative and entrepreneurial skills of clients.

Main activities: granting loans

Results: European Microfinance Prize 2010; increase in the number of clients; better organisation and increase in the number of financial services available to the rural population.

Harbu Microfinance and SOS Faim: Through the support of SOS Faim, Harbu Microfinance is able to extend its activities to reach even more poor people. We support, in particular, the financing of rural energy access systems and the development of savings geared to the needs of farmers.