TGD, Tous pour le Genre dans le Développement

Our partnership with TGD was closed at the end of 2016.

TGD is a microfinance institution.

Mission: to build a fairer and more balanced society in Sud-Kivu based on equality between men and women; helping to enhance the status of women in Sud-Kivu.

Main activities: granting loans to teachers or their families in order to develop income-generating activities and mitigate the impact of the poor and irregular wages of teachers.

Results: in 2013, 985 loans were granted, of which 634 were renewals and 351 were to new clients; improving the organisation and organisational tools; training and further training of the team.

TGD and SOS Faim: in partnership since 2008. SOS Faim provides financial support to TGD, allowing it to offer loans to teachers and their families. SOS Faim also support the upgrading of the team’s skills.