PAIDEK, Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives de Développement Economique du Kivu

PAIDEK is an institution specialising in microfinance, created in 1993 on the basis of a programme to organise microfinance initiatives. Concentrated geographically in northern and southern Kivu, PAIDEK currently has 9 agencies operating in both urban and rural areas. Its headquarters are in Bukavu.

Mission: by means of microfinance, to give a boost to the popular economy, combat poverty and develop an economic infrastructure which can act as a solid basis for the development of Kivu.

Main activities: lending of funds.

Results: approved by the Congolese Central Bank in 2013; approved to operate as a microfinance enterprise, allowing it to hold investors’ savings.

PAIDEK and SOS Faim: in partnership since 1993. SOS Faim supports PAIDEK in the provision of its financial services and in the improvement of its production networks.