GAMF, Groupe d’acteurs de microfinance du Kivu

The GAMF, a platform of microfinance stakeholders, was created in March 2002 and now counts 16 microfinance institutions, some of which are partners of SOS Faim (PAIDEK, TGD). It operates in the province of Sud Kivu.

Mission: to enhance the capacity of microfinance stakeholders and represent them with the provincial authorities.

Main activities: promotion of microfinance; supporting the network and its members (exchanges of knowledge and experiences, discussion seminars, training workshops, provision of a microfinance documentation centre); advocacy.

Results: recognition of its role representing microfinance stakeholders in Sud-Kivu (favoured partner of the Central Bank); growing involvement of microfinance institutions in the field of rural financing.

Le GAMF et SOS Faim : en partenariat depuis 2008, l’appui de SOS Faim porte essentiellement sur le renforcement institutionnel et organisationnel du GAMF.

The GAMF and SOS Faim: in partnership since 2008, SOS Faim’s support focuses on the institutional and organisational enhancement of the GAMF.