Groupement de Transformation des Produits Agricoles

The GTPA Wendkuuni is a women’s cooperative that takes action in the transformation of agricultural products (especially manioc). End of 2016, the cooperative had 60 members and 15 permanent employees.

Mission: Take part in food security and sovereignty and improve the members’ and the rural populations’ income through the diversification and the promotion of local agricultural products.

Main activities: Literacy and training of members; transformation and delivery of local agricultural products; organization of the manioc sector stakeholders; manioc production support.

Results: institutional change of the association that became a cooperative, strengthening of hygiene capacities, quality and fiscal management; diversification of the offer; increase of production by 48% between 2014 and 2015; increase of turnover (26 706 € in 2014 and 53 621 in 2015) with an average annual revenue of 329 € per member.

GTAPA and SOS Faim: since 2015, in partnership with the NGO ASTM, SOS Faim supports GTPA in it’s institutional and organizational development towards the increase of it’s members revenue and supports food sovereignty through the promotion of production and consumption of local agricultural products.