Help us

We need your support to complete our actions and to fight effectively against hunger and poverty!

Supporting SOS Faim means supporting concrete actions undertaken by men and women who try to overcome poverty. For them, agriculture is the most realistic step to escape poverty, because producing and being able to feed themselves is a first step towards a less precarious life.

Your donations are multiplied!

1 euro collected = 9 euros for Africa
Donations to SOS Faim are multiplied by at least four and up to eight by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. How? Through the co-financing mechanism that the MFA applies for approved NGOs.

You have questions? Contact us:

You can donate to SOS Faim by bank transfer to one of the following accounts:

  • CCPLLULL – IBAN LU22 1111 0055 5526 0000
  • CCRALULL – IBAN LU98 0090 0000 4800 0046

Online donation is now also possible via Digicash


Code of conduct

No images designed to shock. No street collecting or telephone marketing. We do not purchase address lists. SOS Faim’s code of conduct is summarised in this Charter. It is also a member of the not-profit-organisation Don en Confiance. Because you are entitled to know where your money goes. Transparency is our duty.

Tax deductible giving

Donations to SOS Faim are tax deductible. In order to benefit from tax deductibility, the total amount of your donations to various charities over the year must be at least 120 EUR, not exceed 20% of your income or 1 000.000 EUR. This applies to both Luxembourg residents and cross-border workers who complete a Luxembourg tax return.

Legacies and donations

Bequeath us an amount now or leave us a legacy when you die. Helping others now or after your death. You can do it. A legacy or a donation is the noblest gesture of all, with a value way beyond the monetary.

If you would like to do this, please contact your notary who will explain the various ways to leave a legacy, to avoid problems after your death. Here is a list of notaries.



Corporate giving

Financial support, sponsoring, patronage… there are many ways for businesses to support us. These help both the beneficiaries but also the business itself by highlighting its corporate responsibility and motivating staff. Some 50 businesses (of all sizes and sectors) currently support SOS Faim, in particular the Banque Raiffeisen and Codur.

Any questions?

The board or the Director, Thierry Defense, would be pleased to answer any questions about our projects, our activities in Luxembourg, our operations and our finances. Tel: 49 09 96.

“By helping SOS Faim, you are doing something positive to
combat hunger and promoting our projects. You can rely on us.”