Discover 10 simple steps to take action against hunger every day…

Despite of food resources being produced in abundance and leading-edge technologies, nearly one billion people still do not have enough to eat: 75% are farmers and their families; 30% of the food produced on our planet is wasted or lost.

It is this unbearable scandal SOS Faim wished, through various events organised in the framework of the “Week against hunger”, bring before Luxembourg citizens in order that they could better understand the causes of hunger and realise that it is power of each citizen to act to end hunger!

December 4, SOS Faim invited to a cocktail party in Tramsschapp. It was at the initiative of René Mathieu, chef at Bourglinster Castle, that the craftsmen cooks Euro-Toques Luxembourg have set an example by providing an anti-waste and local cocktail party, declining the best seasonal products... flesh to the peel!

In the same context, SOS Faim has designed a publication, offering 10 simple ways to take action against hunger, through simple steps, every day.

Download the publication in French